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From The Editor

By Roselyn Rauch

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Here we are in the middle of summer wondering how July slipped away so quickly and thinking about what we can do to savor and slow the days of August. Even though we are supposed to be resting and recharging for the upcoming year, teachers’ minds are never really that far away from their students and their needs. Reflections on the previous years’ experiences help to form what we will do in the future.

This edition of Voices will help you as you reflect on the 2011 spring’s conference in New Brunswick: the articles glow with praise about the presentations and new venue. And if you missed this event, the readings and the photos will give you an idea of what a great conference it was, and, perhaps, prod you now into planning to get there in 2012.

A picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes more. So with that thought, I am going to present to you the many pictures of the conference. No need for me to blather on …read the articles from your Executive Board. See this year’s Awards and Scholarships winners. Feel proud that you are a part of such a vital and important professional group.

Be sure to see the calendar of events for the upcoming year; you know how the days fly by. Know that NJTESOL/NJBE is having a Southern Mini-Conference on Saturday, October 22: Using Technology to Build ELL Literacy. Check the particulars on the flyer page.

I promised not to prattle on, but one last thing: if you are not part of our Hotlist, you are missing out on one of the most valuable benefits (free) of your membership. Go to that page in this issue and enroll now; the Hotlist never sleeps.

Have a wonderful rest of summer; enjoy the photos; enjoy the issue.


Roselyn Rauch, Ed.D., retired from the Paterson Public School District as an ESL teacher and District ESL Resource Teacher, is a consultant with ESL Unlimited. She may be reached at rrauch@njtesol-njbe.org.