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From the Gallery:

Poster Sessions for Global Learning

By Gail Verdi

On Tuesday, May 24th and Wednesday, May 25th, we hosted the annual Poster Gallery in the Atrium Foyer.  The poster sessions that were showcased represented a variety of points of view. 

Workshop with BJ and Barbara Natasha Agrawal

Tuesday’s highlights included Higher Education faculty Heidi Lieb, Lois Spitzer, Olga Weston, and Lauren Musto who discussed topics such as Improving Pronunciation, Meeting the Needs of NNs [non-native speakers], and the Pros and Cons of Using Bilingual Dictionaries.  At the same time, a group of teachers from Jersey City Urban Teacher Institute, along with Dr. Ana Mistral, recreated classroom scenarios and shared teaching techniques to help students acquire language and content:

Libia Agudelo - Nuestros Amigos Los Animales (Our Animal Families)
Wendy Castillo - What Does a Person Need to Overcome Great Challenges?
Eida Feliciano - Forces of Nature
Ana Gonzalez - Patterns in the Sky
Amarilis Rivas - Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning
Yanira Sergovia - Discovering the Secrets of the Earth
Guillermina Serrano - Por qué son las Plantas Importantes? Why Are Plants Important?
Jacqueline Trezza - Teachers Guiding Students to Get “WOW” Posters

Registration Katherine Howard
Registration Janna Corn

ESL PreK-4
Natasha Agrawal - The Burmese: A Story of Displacement and Resettlement
Paddie Donohue - Let’s Write a Book with Your ESL/Bilingual Class
Faith Nadya Mootoo - Using Art to Develop Literacy Skills
Katherine Howard - Creating Music Videos in the ELL Classroom

Bilingual Pre-K-Elementary
Sandra Kusulas - Building Reading and Writing Skills with Graphic Organizers

ESL Secondary
Elizabeth Conway - Focus on Pronunciation through Battleship
Janna Corn - Creating FREE Teacher Websites through Google

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On behalf of NJTESOL/NJBE, thank you to all the participants of the 2011 Poster Session Gallery projects.  Your work made the conference reflect the work that effective teachers of English learners are doing across our state.