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Secondary Bilingual

By Janet Kaback

This year’s ESL/Bilingual Secondary Special Interest Group meeting was held at our annual conference in New Brunswick.  Christina Namendorf and I thank you for your attendance and participation because YOU help to keep us informed, as we do for you. The Tuesday meeting was standing room only and many hot topics were raised.

Some of the issues discussed were the AHSA, End of Course Exams (EOC), Special Needs Testing Modifications, the correlation of scores between the HSPA and the AHSA, the testing manuals and instructions provided, NJ ESL requirements and how minority language responses were scored.

Questions and Issues that were raised:

If you have any ideas, information or suggestions to add to the above list, please contact me at janmaestra@aol.com or  jmaestra@njtesol-njbe.com .

I would also like to extend my deepest thanks to Christina Namendorf, the former Secondary ESL SIG rep. It was a pleasure to work with Christina.

Janet Kaback, Secondary BIL SIG representative, is a bilingual (Spanish) social studies teacher at East Side High School in Newark, NJ.