Voices V


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Submissions Guidelines

Articles MUST BE submitted electronically, either as an attachment or pasted in an e-mail as a MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT. All articles must have a byline (YOUR NAME) which contains your specific job information (NAME, TELEPHONE #, E-MAIL ADDRESS). Articles should be approximately 500 words total. PHOTOS MUST BE LABELED and be in either black and white or sharp color; digital photos are preferable if the resolution is 300dpi. Any Internet links in articles must be checked for accuracy.

Articles missing any of the above information will not be considered and not returned. It is the sender's responsibility to provide all necessary correct information.

PLEASE NOTE: VOICES deadlines are:

• Fall Issue—September 15
• Winter Issue—December 15
• Spring Issue—March 15
• Summer Issue—June 15

VOICES takes about 6-8 weeks to publish from the date of deadline. PLEASE BE CAREFUL with DATED MATERIALS or UPCOMING EVENTS. They may have become outdated or have passed by the time of publication.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Any questions? Contact the editor at rrauch@njtesol-njbe.org using NJTESOL/NJBE VOICES in the subject line. Thank you.