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The Hotlist

By Marilyn Pongracz

Hi, Everyone,

If you are among the more than 1100 NJTESOL/NJBE members participating in the Hotlist, you know that the Hotlist is communication, networking, problem-solving, and advice at your fingertips.  With just a few clicks to open your e-mail, you can find information about state laws and standards, advice, best practices, material searches, testing questions, and advocacy.  A sampling of recent topics demonstrates the scope of the subjects under discussion.  


Resources for High School ELLs
Modified Lessons for Newcomers
CCCS standards vs WIDA standards
English classes for parents of ELL students
Bilingual Program Grades 6-8
Exiting Students
Higher Ed Materials
Sheltered Math Classes


As an organization, we would like to thank those who regularly provide carefully thought-out, researched replies to the many questions that members pose.  We especially appreciate the answers to questions of state regulations and testing given by Raquel Sinai and Lori Ramella at NJDOE. 

Hosted at Webelists, we have been able to enjoy almost uninterrupted communication for the past year and a half in spite of increased security by members’ e-mail providers.  However, the main cause of blocked messages is due to members reporting them as spam.  For this reason, if you decide that you do not want to participate, do not report messages as spam!  E-mail me at mpongracz@njtesol-njbe.org to be removed from the list.

Please also be careful not to accidently send a message to your spam folder.  If you do, your e-mail will be removed immediately.  I avoid this by using the delete key on my computer rather than the mouse. If you think that this has happened, you can contact me to have your address put back on. 

Thank you.


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