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The GED Testing Center in Perth Amboy

By Lynn Valenty

T he GED Testing Center in Perth Amboy’s Adult Education Center for the Perth Amboy School District has been in operation for over 40 years.  There were over 400 registrants for the 2010-2011 school year. One hundred fifty participants who attended the Perth Amboy Adult Education’s GED Testing Center graduated with a state issued diploma.  Participants have ranged from the ages of 16 to 71.  The center has acted as a staple in the Perth Amboy community giving this special population the opportunity for a second chance.  While the traditional way of obtaining an education is always best, for some this is just not possible.

The examiners, proctors, and administrative assistants for the GED testing center have witnessed firsthand the sense of accomplishment that these participants have felt when they find out that they have passed.  Some students are overwhelmed with emotion, as for many, this was a feeling that could not be experienced prior to attending this center.

Some students have taken the opportunity to continue their education in a secondary school, enrolled in a trade school, or have come back to express their joy in getting a better paying job.  One student of the Perth Amboy Adult Education Center graduated with a GED, went on to the Police Academy and is currently a security guard for the Perth Amboy Board of Education.

The GED Testing Center has helped to open doors for the members of its community as well as neighboring communities, providing easy accessibility, reasonable fees, and a comfortable testing environment with professionals who truly care.  The Perth Adult Education Center also offers a graduation in which these students can finally be recognized for their long awaited accomplishment.  It is a time to hear of the hardships experienced and real life stories about their challenges and successes of overcoming barriers as they proudly accept their diplomas in front of friends and family.

More importantly, the rates to take the GED test are fair, making it affordable for all members of this community to participate.  The ability to arrive with just a pen and correction tape allows community members to take the test with less apprehension. Adults who are not able to get their high school diploma, people from other countries not being able to get a high school diploma, youth and adults who cannot continue their credits to get their high-school diploma are all able to achieve their educational goals through the Perth Amboy Adult Education and their GED testing program.

The Perth Amboy Adult Education Center is proud to provide these services to sustain the possibilities for continued education, to continue to provide a second chance to those who have struggled, and to carry on giving everyone an equal opportunity to achieve the goals of financial security.  This center has made success possible for those who have not yet experienced it. 

Article written by Lynn Valenty, GED advocate, GED examiner and staff member of the Adult Education Center.

Submitted by Dr. Senovia Robles, Adult Ed. SIG Rep.