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Important News From TESOL

(Received via email)


We have exciting news! TESOL has a new name: TESOL International Association. Though the name has changed, the association will continue to be your source for knowledge, quality professional development, and important research in the field. Most important, TESOL is still your professional community, a community of more than 12,000 members representing 156 countries, and more than 100 international affiliates.

Of course, “TESOL” is still a handy abbreviation, and it’s been around for almost 50 years, so the association will continue to use it when appropriate to refer to the association as well as the field of English language teaching and learning.

So why the change?
As the demand for English language teaching has exploded worldwide, the association has evolved to support it. Thus, following many months of deliberation and discussion, the TESOL Board of Directors has recently approved a new name that more accurately reflects the mission and breadth of the organization.
In addition to the new name, the TESOL Board also recently approved a new 3-year strategic plan, a new credo, and updated core values. Later this year, you can also look forward to a newly designed and more user-friendly Web site and an expanded and redesigned TESOL Connections newsletter with new feature articles and contributions from members.

In our rapidly changing world, growth is essential. With these changes, TESOL International Association stands ready to provide you with the resources and guidance you need for your classroom, to expand your knowledge, and connect you with your peers in secondary education. The new name, along with a new look and logo, will also help the association reach out to engage with new groups and individuals to advance excellence in the field of English language teaching and learning.

When you have a moment, please visit the TESOL Blog to read an important message from TESOL President Christine Coombe. The association welcomes your thoughts and comments at Dr. Coombe’s blog and in the TESOL Community.



Rosa Aronson, PhD, CAE
Executive Director
TESOL International Association

Christine Coombe, PhD
President, Board of Directors
TESOL International Association