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NJTESOL/NJBE Spring Conference 2012
Technology at the Spring Conference: Marilyn Pongracz

PEARSON, Our 2012 Spring Conference Partner
2012 Spring Writing Scholarship Contests and Adult/Colleague Awards: Call for Applications
Our ELLs Need Your Support: It's Giving Time Again
Common Core Standards Conference at Kean University (March 22)
President's Message: Judie Haynes
Vice-President's Message: Cassandra Lawrence

Special Interest Groups
        Bilingual/ESL Middle School: Tina Kern- Separate but Equal
        Early Childhood: Monica Schnee- November and December Reflections
        ESL Elementary: Noreen Drucker- Bilingual and ESL Education Through the Years
        ESL Secondary: Caia Schlessinger- Preparing for High School ELLs for Post-Secondary Life
        Parent/Community Action: Karen Nemeth- Community Action is a Two-Way Street
        Special Education: Clauda Plata- Success Across the Curriculum and Smart Aleks
        Supervisors' SIG- Opportunities and Challenges
        Teacher Education: Gail Verdi- Readings: Thinking Globally and Acting Locally...

Technology: Marilyn Pongracz
        Is the Social Media Making Us Stupid?

Chapter News: Bergen-Passaic Chapter
        Off to A Good Start
        We Have the ACCESS Scores Now What?
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