Voices Vol 41 No 1

Our ELLs Need Your Support: It's Giving Time Again

We have to ask...

T he generous NJTESOL/NJBE prizes, awards, and/or scholarships for winners of the 4th,8th, 12th grades, and Higher Education writing competitions are now funded through your generous donations.

We all support our favorite charities; we don’t hesitate to donate to those causes. And we all give back to our students in a myriad of ways: academically, emotionally, personally. Now NJTESOL/NJBE is asking its members, and friends of English language learners, to make donations to help New Jersey’s students in ESL and bilingual programs. These funds will help our ELLs to secure a better future and better opportunities in this, their new country.

It is that time of the year again when we need to remind you ,our members and supporters, that  the number and amount of the scholarships given to our winners will be dependent on your contributions. NJTESOL/NJBE, Inc. is a charitable organization and, as such, your contribution is tax deductible. We ask you to be generous—to give with your heart—to donate to finance a scholarship fund that will benefit our children.

If you have any questions, please contact Maria Jaume at mjaume@njtesol-njbe.org.


1. Go to njtesol-njbe.org (our home page) and click on Scholarship Donation Online and make your generous donation through Paypal.


2. Make out your check to: NJTESOL/NJBE Scholarship Fund

Mail checks to:
NJTESOL/NJBE Scholarship Fund
PO Box 189
Union, NJ 07083-0189

New Jersey’s ELLs thank you for your generosity!