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President's Message: Judie Haynes

Vice-President's Message: Cassandra Lawrence — Success for ELLs Across the Curriculum: A Spring Conference Preview

PEARSON, Our 2012 Spring Conference Partner
Spring Conference: Caia Schlessinger —Parking Update for New Brunswick (with Stadium map) Spring Conference: Gwen Franks — Getting the Best Experience from Your Spring Conference
Spring Conference: Gail Verdi and Claudia Plata — Poster Sessions
Spring Conference: Teacher Education: Gail Verdi — Gearing Up For NJTESOL/NJBE's Second Annual Graduate Forum

Featured Article: Joe Pompeo — Fellow teachers come to the defense of Pascale Mauclair, singled out as the 'worst' by the 'Post'
Technology: Marilyn Pongracz — Favorite Websites: Classtools.net

Special Interest Groups
        Bilingual Elementary: Maggie Manson—A Presenter that You Don't Want to Miss
        Bilingual/ESL Middle School: Tina Kern — Gray Areas: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
        Early Childhod: Monica Schnee — A New Initiative
        ESL Elementary Grades 1 - 5 :Noreen Drucker —Don't Miss This Year's Conference
        ESL Secondary: Caia Schlessinger — Spring Conference
        Higher Education: Gladys Scott — Professional Development Season
        Parent/Community Action: Karen Nemeth — Community Outreach is a Two-Way Street
        Special Education: Claudia Plata — Technology, ELLs and the Curriculum

        Supervisors: Regina Postogna — ACCESS, NJSMART, and the AMAO
        Legislative Updates: Elizabeth (BJ) Franks
        Teacher Education: Gail Verdi — What Do English Learners' Standaridized Test Scores Tell Us         About Teacher Effectiveness?

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