Voices Vol 41 No 3

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS: Parent/Community Action

Pave the Way for Parent and Community Action this Summer

By Karen Nemeth

A surprisingly large group attended the Special Interest Group meetings for Parent/Community Action at the NJTESOL/NJBE Spring Conference.  This SIG had not held meetings for a while, but now we see there is a great deal of interest in this aspect of our field.  Most people attended for one of the following reasons:

We shared some answers to these questions at the meeting and I’ve listed some of the key points below.  The message came through loud and clear: We need to have these meetings at every conference and we need to share information with each other throughout the year.  I invite you to add to the list I’m posting here by emailing me at the address below or you can share info on the NJTESOL/NJBE listserv any time.

Key Parent/Community Action Resources: County Social Services Office – the best place to begin your search for services and resources to help a family in need.

Public Library-  materials and resources in different languages, internet access, literacy classes. These are just a few of the ways your library can help you reach out to families.

County Child Care Resource and Referral Agency www.njaccrra.org - a great source of services, connections, and help for diverse families.

Bilingual websites with parent engagement and literacy supports:

Have an action-packed summer!
Karen Nemeth, Coordinator – Parent/Community Action SIG