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PEARSON, Our 2012 Spring Conference Partner

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        Spring Conference Reflections
        Awards Buffet and Scholarship Winners
        Fred D. Carrigg Leadership Award to SPANNJ and President's Award to Elizabeth Claire

        Poster Session Gallery 2012: Gail Verdi and Claudia Plata

Featured Articles:
        Monica Schnee: A Visit to the CAL to Review Post-ACCESS Test Items

        Elizabeth Franks: Socio-political Concerns: Topics at the Legislative Workshop

Special Interest Groups
        Bilingual Elementary: Nora Torres—A New Representative/ A Port-of-Entry Program
        Bilingual/ESL Middle School: Tina Kern—We Begin Again: Rejoice, Review, Reassess
        Early Childhood: Monica Schnee—PreK - K SIG Notes
        Early Childhood: Monica Schnee—Wrapping Up the Spring Conference
        ESL Secondary: Caia Schlessinger — Post-Conference Energy
        Parent/Community Action: Karen Nemeth — Pave the Way for Parent/Community Action
        Special Education: Alan Rasmussen— The Role of the Inclusion Teacher and It's Impact...

        Supervisors: JoAnne M. Negrin— The Supervisors' New SIG Representative/Borderless...
        Teacher Education: Mary Curran— The Graduate Student Forum

Technology: Marilyn Pongracz — Organizing the Confusion: Making the Most of the Internet...
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