Voices Vol 41 No 4

Jersey's Pride

By Elizabeth (BJ) Franks

With Jersey Shore, Real Housewives of NJ, Sopranos and Jerseylicious, several New Jersey ESL teachers are also in the spotlight. Two ESL teachers have won County Teachers of the Year recognition, Kristine Nazzal and Angeline Sturgis; while two other NJ teachers, Sandra Nahmias and Maybelle Espin, won second place in a WIDA video contest and a another ESL teacher, Monica Schnee, was honored as “Teacher of the Month” in Think Teachers magazine.

County teachers of the year are selected at the county level by panels representing a cross-section of administrators, teachers, parents, and county education association representatives convened by the executive county superintendents of schools. Kristine Nazzal, Hudson County Teacher of the Year, is an ESL and Language Arts teacher at Union City High School. Angeline Sturgis, Mercer County Teacher of the Year, is an elementary ESL teacher at Eldridge School in Lawrence Township Schools. Read more about their accomplishments at http://www.state.nj.us/education/news/2012/0913toy.htm
Congratulations, Kristine and Angeline!

WIDA received sixty-six (66) video submissions which consisted of classroom events promoting effective teaching, learning, and/or assessment of content and language for ELLs; and educator reflections on those classroom events. Marybelle Espin and Sandra Nahmias, two third grade teachers at Harrison School in Roselle, put together a powerful synthesis of student learning in their classrooms. Their project was an example of outstanding collaboration among teachers. In the Path of Nature's Wrath: A Project-Based Learning Approach to the Study of Natural Disasters, Sandra and Marybelle integrated multiple domains with authentic uses of registers and appropriate genres in journalism! The winning entries can be viewed at:  http://wida.us/getInvolved/index.aspx

Kudos to Marybelle and Sandra!

Finally, Monica Schnee, elementary ESL teacher in River Edge schools, was honored at Think Teachers magazine as the September “Teacher of the Month” with her innovative integration of technology. (Editor’s note: As of this writing, the article had not yet been posted to the Web.)

NJTESOL/NJBE celebrates our outstanding teachers. Please share any successes with us.

Elizabeth (BJ) Franks, Ed. D., is the Socio-political Concerns and Advocacy representative for NJTESOL/NJBE.