Featured Articles
From the Editor: Roselyn Rauch - Yikes! It’s October!
President's Message: Cassandra Lawrence -
        My Pathway to a Positive School Year

Vice-President's Message: Sandee McBride - Transitions
NJEA 2013 Convention: NJTESOL/NJBE Presenters and Workshops
Natasha Agrawal - Meeting KaHlaw at the Conference - with photos
Socio-Political Concerns: Elizabeth (BJ) Franks - SGOs: Carpe Diem!
Mary Quiroz - The Fulbright Experience: More than Just an Exchange
Technology: Marilyn Pongracz - 4 New Sites to Help With Changing Technology
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Announcing Our 2014 Spring Conference

Special Interest Groups
Adult Education: Regina M. Postogna - Adult Education Resources
Bilingual/ESL Middle School: Noreen Drucker - Stuck in the Middle and Loving it…The Wonder Years
Bilingual Elementary 1-8: Gregory Romero - The Importance of Standards for ELLs
Early Childhood: Monica Schnee - Getting Ready
ESL Elementary: Eva Rogozinski - Professional Development for
       Teachers Working with ELLs: What should it look like?

ESL Secondary: Marcella Garavaglia - Are Your Students Ready for the
       New Computerized ACCESS for ELLs 2.0?
Higher Education: Howard Pomann - Ladders of Completion
Parent/Community Action: Karen Nemeth -
       Share your Ideas about Parent and Community Action

Special Education: Sharon A. Hollander - Not Another Article on Bullying
Supervisors: JoAnne M. Negrín - On Embracing Change and Moving Forward

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