Featured Articles
From the Editor: Roselyn Rauch – A Breath of Fresh Air
President's Message: Sandee McBride -Transition and Transformation
Vice-President's Message: JoAnne M. Negrín -
       The Seal of Biliteracy: One District’s Experience

Our 2014 Spring Conference
        Scholarship and Award Winners:
                Fourth Grade by Grethe Ridley - Dailyn Visoso
                Higher Education by Sharon Hollander - Lovena Felix
                Leadership Award by Barbara Tedesco - And the Winner is…Judie Haynes
        Liaison: Tina Kern - An Evening to Remember
        Luisa Athanasakos - Challenges and Conference Reflections
Technology: Marilyn Pongracz - Favorite Websites: Learn NC http://www.learnnc.org
Natasha Agrawal- Weaving Wonders in Second Grade
Grethe Ridley - Looking Back as I Head Into Retirement

The Spring Conference: A Photo Essay

Special Interest Groups
Bilingual/ESL Middle School: Noreen Drucker - Celebrating Success
Bilingual Elementary 1-8: Gregory Romero -
        NJTESOL/NJBE Paves the Way for the Next Generation of Language Learners

Early Childhood: Monica Schnee - Another Year Down and …
ESL Elementary: Maryellen Fitzpatrick - Hot Topics: ELLs with Special Needs, SGOs, and the PARCC
*New Advertiser: WCEPS/WIDA Model Assessment Products at a Discount
ESL Secondary: Marcella Garavaglia - Secondary SIGs at the 2014 Spring Conference
Higher Education: Howard Pomann - The Practice of Micro-blogging
Parent and Community Action: Karen Nemeth - Sharing Ideas about Parent and Community Action
Special Education: Sharon A. Hollander -
        All Abroad: International Experiences for Students and Educators

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