Featured Articles
From the Editor: Roselyn Rauch — Like a Peacock
President's Message: Sandee McBride — Meet Our Featured Speakers for Spring Conference
Vice-President's Message: JoAnne M. Negrín —The Importance of Financial Literacy in Advocacy
Lori Ramella: A Farewell to Raquel Sinai from a Colleague
Barbara Tedesco: An Interview with Raquel Sinai upon Her Retirement
2015 Spring Conference: Gwen Franks — For the Most Successful Conference Experience...
Liaison: Tina Kern — Still Safe
The Bergen-Passaic March Workshop: Linda Hornyak — From Assessment to Achievement
Technology 1: Marilyn Pongracz — Favorite Websites For Reading
Technology 2: Marilyn Pongracz —Technology at the Spring Conference
Advertiser: WCEPS (Wisconsin Center for Education Products and Services)

Special Interest Groups
Bilingual Elementary: Gregory Romero — ACCESS vs. PARCC
Bilingual/ESL Middle School: Noreen Drucker —Time for a Change
Billingual Secondary: Yasmin Hernández-Manno — The Impact of Testing on ELLs
Early Childhood: Monica Schnee — Looking Forward to Spring
ESL Secondary: Marcella Garavaglia — Advocacy and 2015 Spring Conference
Higher Education: Howard Pomann — Connections at the 2015 Spring Conference
Parent and Community Action: Karen Nemeth — Parent and Community Action Update
Socio-Political Issues: Elizabeth Franks — Celebrating Our History…Informing Our Future
Special Education: Sonia Bertini —The SPED Referral Process for ELLs
Supervisors: Regina Postogna — Spring Testing and Conference Highlights
Teacher Education: Kristi A. Bergman —The Teacher Education SIG at the Spring Conference

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